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To avoid any energy waste please never leave the apartment without turning off the electrical equipment, including the lights and air conditioning. 


Please keep in mind that loud noises should be avoided between 10pm and 9am.


Please note that parties are not allowed 


Smoking is not allowed in any enclosed areas of the building, including your apartment.




The water that runs on the apartment taps is potable and can be safely  ingested.

On the countertop you will find a Nespresso coffee machine and our welcome kit that includes some coffee pods and something sweet. 

Instructions on how to use the coffee machine can be found on this link 


In the kitchen you can also find a kettle and a toaster. The kettle should be used only to heat water, please do not use other kind of liquid as it can be dangerous and damage the device. The same applies to the toaster, cheese, butter or jelly should only be applied to the bread after you take it from the toaster. 


The hob is induction and for that reason will only start after you place a pan or frying pan on top of it. After that you should use the touch panel, press the "start" button to initiate it, choose the heating spot where you placed the pan and regulate the temperature on the + and - buttons. 

All the pans and frying pans we provide were tested and are appropriate for induction, but if you are using a different pan make sure it's also appropriate. If the F sign shows up on the touch panel it means that the pan is not adequate. 

Instructions on how to use the induction hob can be found on this link 


The TV works with the two remotes that are provided. The one that has the same brand as the TV should only be used to turn ON the tv or switch the volume. All our TVs work with a channel box from MEO company. To turn on the box, please use the remote identified with "MEO" at the bottom.

If when switching ON the box, the TV does not start automatically, please return to the first remote and select the "source" button on the top left corner, identified with an arrow, and choose HDMI1. 

At the apartment of the ground floor you will only need the Meo remote to use the TV,

Any additional services, selected by the guest, are charged to the final bill of the stay.


If you brought with you a chromecast or any other similar device, please don't forget to plug the HDMI cable back on the TV before your check-out. 

To access the WIFI, please select the network Meo-F00EAF and enter the password 43E7438570 .


At the first floor you  will find 2 heaters/fans on each bedroom, feel free to move them around the house if necessary.

At  the ground floor, the air conditioner can be used as an heater or a freshner. It will work with the white remote that you will find in the living area. To alternate between the two modes you should open the remote and press the MODE button. On the led panel a snowflake will represent cold and the sun will represent heat. The temperature is regulated with the + and - buttons. The Fan button will boost the mode functions. 

Instructions on how to use the AC at apartment 1A and 1B can be found on this link 

Please don't leave the equipment turned ON while you're out of the house. 


Please keep in mind that our plumbing system is a little sensitive, for that reason you should follow the sign on the bathroom wall and don't through toilet paper or any other items on the toilet. For garbage disposal, please use the bin.

We have left you a hairdryer, towels for each guest, shower gel, cream and soap. 


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