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The Covid-19 Contingency Plan was developed based on the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and the training associated with the Clean & Safe Seal of Turismo de Portugal. Cozy Lisbon thus guarantees that all its workers and guests will be informed about the COVID19 disease and ways to avoid its transmission.


Information on the recommendations and procedures established in this Contingency Plan for Disease will be widely disseminated, either on this page or through panels posted in the common areas of our buildings, social networks, documents in digital format sent to guests and flyers left in each apartment.


Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known to cause illness in humans and are quite common throughout the world. The infection causes symptoms that can differ from person to person. SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the COVID-19 disease, was first identified in December 2019, in Wuhan City, China, and has spread around the world, becoming a pandemic.

Cinza Foto Reunião de Classe Eventos Sit

After exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19, the following symptoms may appear:

Breathing difficulty;

- Cough;

- Fever;

- Body pain.


The transmission of COVID-19 occurs when there is close contact, within a perimeter of up to 2 meters, with an infected person. The risk of transmission increases the longer the period of contact. The droplets produced when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes are the most important route of transmission. The transmission of the virus can be done directly:

- droplet inhalation

- Contact of droplets with eyes, nose or mouth.


or indirect:

- Inhalation aerosol generating procedures;

- Hand contact with contaminated surfaces, then touching the eyes, nose or mouth;

- Direct contact with infectious respiratory secretions, feces, or surfaces contaminated by them.

For the prevention of transmission of the virus, it is recommended to comply with the following actions:

Interpersonal Distance

mask use

Ventilation of enclosed spaces

Respiratory etiquette compliance

Compliance with individual hygiene practices and spaces

Whenever there is a suspected case of Covid-19, among employees or guests, these cases must be reported to the General Coordinators of the Cozy Lisbon Contingency Plan so that the Emergency Plan is activated and later to the Saúde 24 line:


808 24 24 24


Cozy Lisbon Contingency Plan General Coordinators

SONIA CABAÇA +351 936 949 801

TERESA CARVALHO +351 934 284 392

Since Cozy Lisbon does not have a customer service area and its employees are teleworking and only travel to the buildings for a few hours of stay and always with a specific purpose, be it cleaning, changing check codes -in, or assistance to guests, the employee who shows symptoms or thinks he may be infected, must inform the General Coordinators of the Contingency Plan  and remain isolated at home.


If the suspected case refers to one of the guests, it must also be reported to the General Coordinators of the Cozy Lisbon Contingency Plan. In this case, since our area does not allow the use of a specific space just for isolation, the guest and all those involved in their reservation, who also become suspects by contact, must remain in the apartment, where they will be provided with the accessories. necessary, such as a mask, gloves and thermometer for self-monitoring of temperature. Cozy Lisbon will also be able to provide guests with some pharmacy tests, which do not prevent contact with the Saúde 24 line. Guests must remain isolated until the National Health Service gives them consent to continue their normal lives. During your stay in this space, you will also be provided with some perishable food and water.

Suspected cases should remain in the designated isolation area, equipped with a surgical mask, contacting the Saúde 24 line as soon as possible so that they are given instructions by health professionals.
The isolation area should be prohibited to employees, or guests who have not been in direct contact with the suspected case, until they receive indications from the National Health Service.

After analysis and results, if the case is not confirmed, it is closed for COVID-19.


If the case is confirmed, all the recommendations of the National Health Service regarding the isolation time must be followed and after discharge, the apartment used by infected guests must be prohibited until the validation of decontamination by the Local Health Authority.

In the case of a negative result, the suspect must be monitored in the following days to confirm the absence of symptoms and can lead his normal life, as long as the DGS so indicates, presenting evidence of his clinical condition to the Contingency Plan Coordinator by Cozy Lisbon.

In the case of a confirmed case, the cleaning team will provide the disinfection and cleaning of the entire circuit made by the individual to the isolation area, using the necessary equipment for their safety such as a mask, gown and gloves.


After the guests leave the isolation area, the apartment will be closed for 24 hours, with the windows open in order to promote air circulation. Waste should be stored in a sturdy plastic bag, filled to 2/3 full and placed in a container.

All individuals who have been in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case should be monitored in the following days, especially if they are:

- Employees from the same job;

- Employees or guests who have been face-to-face with the confirmed case or have been with it in an enclosed space;

- Employees or guests who shared dishes, towels or other objects or equipment that may be contaminated with sputum, blood or respiratory droplets with the confirmed case;

- Employees or guests who provided assistance to the confirmed case.


The employee or guest who has interacted with a confirmed case should contact the Saúde 24 helpline, follow the instructions of the Directorate-General for Health and carry out daily self-monitoring, during a quarantine phase, which aims to assess fever and check for cough or difficulty breathing.

If no symptoms appear within 10 days of the last exposure, the situation is closed for COVID-19.

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The reception of new guests will be done, whenever possible, through self check-in, avoiding face-to-face contact as much as possible, while maintaining virtual support, including during the stay.

In the situation of face-to-face contact, a mask should always be used and all procedures for access to the building must be followed. Whenever it is not necessary to enter the apartment, meetings must be scheduled for the outside areas adjacent to the apartment.

Along with the email with instructions for checking in for each guest, the link to this page will be sent, in Portuguese or English, so that the guest can prepare their stay. Upon arrival at the apartment, Cozy Lisbon will also send information in digital format, through an image with the basic rules for using the space to prevent contagions. The summary of this document will also be available, on paper, inside the apartment and the complete document at the entrance of each building.


Awareness panels and instructions for hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will also be posted at the entrance of each building, as well as disinfectant.

Each reservation will be entitled to a protection kit with a disposable mask, according to the apartment's capacity and a gel alcohol dispenser.



Upon entering our buildings, hand disinfection is mandatory with the alcohol gel available at the entrance, as well as the placement of a mask for circulation in common areas.
When meeting another individual in a corridor, the guest must ensure the safe distance when passing.

Inside the apartment the use of air conditioning must be done with conscience. The same will be left in extraction mode, which must not be changed for the safety of guests and staff who will clean up at check-out.

All guests will be asked to remove the bedding and place them, together with towels, cloths and rugs, in a waterproof bag left inside the apartment for this purpose. This measure will not be mandatory.

In outdoor spaces, social distance must be maintained and any contact with other guests must be avoided. In the Graça building, the use of the pool must be interspersed and limited to guests who are on the same reservation. If it is occupied by other guests, they must wait for them to leave.

Garden furniture must be kept within a safe distance of 2 meters.




Access to the building is via the main entrance, the employee must wash their hands, put on a mask and go to the 3rd floor, where they will leave their belongings inside the storage closet, wearing their work coat.


Access to the building is via the main entrance, the employee must wash their hands, put on a mask and go to the warehouse area, on the ground floor, where they will leave their belongings. Then you must equip yourself with the work coat.

Access to the building is via number 201 (warehouse), the employee must wash their hands, put on a mask and leave their belongings in the designated locker. Then you must equip yourself with the work coat.

Internal cleaning staff will be provided with the following equipment:


disposable mask

Disposable gloves

disposable gown

disposable cap


hand sanitizer


The use of all equipment is mandatory.

Upon arriving at the apartment, all windows are opened so that air can circulate.

All textiles are removed, without being shaken. Sheets should be carefully wrapped from the outside in and placed in the laundry bag, along with pillowcases, pads, rugs and towels. All this textile material is removed from the apartment and sent to the exit area and later collected by the cleaning company that will deal with it according to its own parameters, ensuring their disinfection.

Garbage and residues left by the guest are also removed closed in a bag and placed in the container.
Upon returning to the apartment, the employee must pass a cloth dampened with detergent over all surfaces.

Mostly, the cleaning and disinfection of Cozy Lisbon apartments is carried out by the (external) cleaning company Lotus Services, which, at the request of Cozy Lisbon, must follow the rules indicated by Turismo de Portugal in its training. In the disinfection of spaces, you can continue to use the usual products such as bleach in the sanitary and kitchen areas and specific products for wood. All doorknobs, handles and controls are disinfected with alcohol gel or another product that has the same effect.

During the period of preventing and combating SARS-COV 2, all non-essential elements will be collected and kept safe to avoid unnecessary contagion of them. As such, at each cleaning, only the following will be reset:

Protector for mattresses and sleeping pillows

Sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases

Shower gel/shampoo, conditioner and soap

hand sanitizer

1 disposable mask kit, according to apartment capacity.

Water and cookies.


All corridors and stairs must be cleaned with the proper product and the doorknobs and switches disinfected with Alcohol Gel.
Entrance mats should be sprayed with disinfectant liquid.




The safes' storage cabinet will be disinfected with each use, as well as the safes themselves. At the end of cleaning, the employee must open the safe, remove

the key used by the guests and disinfect the inside of the safe, as well as the key, spraying them with alcohol gel. Then the safe must be closed and the same procedure must be used for cleaning the area of ​​buttons and cabinet door.


ALFAMA: All automatic locks are cleaned after each reservation with a cloth moistened with alcohol gel.


Garden furniture should be kept clean and disinfected whenever possible and the cleaning team must travel to the building.

The equipment must be arranged to comply with the social safety distance:

2 meters between sun loungers

2 meters between each table and chairs set


Pool maintenance will be carried out on a regular basis, ensuring the necessary application of disinfectant (chlorine). Monitoring will continue to be carried out by an external technical team that will comply with the rules in force.

At the end of each cleaning, the team will register it in the calendar posted in each apartment. You should also disinfect equipment such as rags, broom or mop handles and buckets. Personal protective equipment should be safely disposed of in a closed bag and deposited in the common waste container. Each employee must sanitize their hands again and collect their belongings, leaving through the same entry point.

Cozy Lisbon undertakes to disclose its rules for preventing and combating SARS COV 19 to its employees and guests, through the aforementioned means and in accordance with the indications of the General Directorate of Health and the Clean & Safe Tourism Training from Portugal.
It is the obligation of each employee and guest to read the information provided and to comply with the security rules described by the company.

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