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Reservation Policy


Your reservation can be done in two different ways, directly on the website or by emailing us to

When booking directly through the website, you will receive an authomatic message from the platform with all the details of your reservation. You will also receive a link with all the details you need for the payment, which is done online through Cloudbeds platform.

As soon as the payment is done, your reservation is confirmed.




Your stay can be cancelled, without  fees up to 14 days before your check-in date. After this period cancelation fees will be applied, according to the following directions:

- 50% of the stay value during the 14 days prior the check-in date.

- 100% of the stay value during the check-in day.

If your cancellation is related to the Covid-19 pandemic or illness, special measures be will applied:

The cancellation is free of charge up to 7 days before the check-in date. The value already paid will be converted on to voucher to be used within one year.

To take advantage of the special measures, it will be necessary to present a medical certificate.

To proceed with your cancellation, please send us an e-mail to so we can evaluate the situation and provide you the voucher. 

In case of a full refund we will ask you to send us your Iban, information that will only be used to transfer the amount, being discarted after the transaction is done.

Every guest will be required to pay the City Tourist Tax of 2,00€ per night, per person. this fee will figure on the confirmation email and will be charged along with the stay value

The tax is not applied to children of 13 years old or less. It's responsibility of the guests to inform Cozy Lisbon if there are children in each reservation. 


The check-in instructions will be sent by e-mail on the morning of your arrival. The check-in is done automatically with a pin code or locker in all the properties.

During the check-in process, our host will keep contact with the guest, helping on any matters that may be necessary. For this reason, we will request a cell phone number where we are able to easily reach the guest. Usually the contact is done by WhatsApp. 

If by any case the presence of a host is required for help or any other situation, a member of our team will meet the guest at the building. 

Before the arrival, it is necessary to fill in the Foreigners and Borders Service form, through the Chekin App, with the personal data of each guest. The form will be sent along with the check-in instructions. Alternatively, the data can be sent by email to Cozy Lisbon, who will fill in the form for the guest. This information will be shared with Foreigners and Borders Service for legal purposes and may also be used by Cozy Lisbon in case of non-compliance with the apartment rules. After the check-out this information will be carefully discarded. 

At our properties check-in will be available from 16:00 (Portuguese Time).

On the last day, check-out must be done by 11:00 am.


During the stay the guest is required to follow a responsible behavior, respecting Cozy Lisbon's properties and all other guests from the rest of the apartments. 

Cozy Lisbon is not responsible for belongings of our guests. Please be careful with your bags, clothing, or valuable items. If you have any personal object or money inside the apartment we suggest you to use the apartment safe locker, if you have one or take them with you. If you don't have a key for the safe locker on your key chain, please just ask our staff to bring you one. For the apartments without safe lockers, we recommend you to take the valuable items with yourself. 


It's also not allowed to give the apartment or building keys to any person that is not registered at the reservation. 

It's mandatory to fill the form from the Service of Boarders and Emigration. All fields are required including ID/Passport Number.

It's not allowed to host parties or any person who is not part of a Cozy Lisbon reservation. The default of this topic will incur on a formal complaint to the competent authorities.

Smoke is not allowed on any of the enclosed property areas. 

We provide a set of towels for each guest at the arrival. The change of towels during the stay has a fee of 10€/set. We also provide a set of bottom sheet and duvet cover for each bed according to the number of guests on the reservation. For extra linens for the sofas or baby cots, it's necessary to request them before the arrival. If we don't receive a request for this items, it's possible that we're not able to provide them for the first night.

At the bathroom it's not allowed to throw any kind of items in the toilets, apart from toilet paper. Please use the bin. At Janelas Verdes property all items, including toilet paper should go in the bin.

Check-out in all properties is done until 11am.

The Covid-19 Contingency Plan was developed based on the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and the training associated with the Clean & Safe Seal of Turismo de Portugal. Cozy Lisbon thus guarantees that all its workers and guests will be informed about the COVID19 disease and ways to avoid its transmission.


Information on the recommendations and procedures established in this Contingency Plan for Disease will be widely disseminated, either on this page or through panels posted in the common areas of our buildings, social networks, documents in digital format sent to guests and flyers left in each apartment.


Coronaviruses are a family of viruses known to cause illness in humans and are quite common throughout the world. The infection causes symptoms that can differ from person to person. SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the COVID-19 disease, was first identified in December 2019, in Wuhan City, China, and has spread around the world, becoming a pandemic.

After exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19, the following symptoms may appear:

Breathing difficulty;

- Cough;

- Fever;

- Body pain.


The transmission of COVID-19 occurs when there is close contact, within a perimeter of up to 2 meters, with an infected person. The risk of transmission increases the longer the period of contact. The droplets produced when an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes are the most important route of transmission. The transmission of the virus can be done directly:

- droplet inhalation

- Contact of droplets with eyes, nose or mouth.


or indirect:

- Inhalation aerosol generating procedures;

- Hand contact with contaminated surfaces, then touching the eyes, nose or mouth;

- Direct contact with infectious respiratory secretions, feces, or surfaces contaminated by them.

For the prevention of transmission of the virus, it is recommended to comply with the following actions:

Covid Contingency Plan 

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